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Data: Hong Kong Land Auctions

While searching for historical Hong Kong Land Auction data I realised there is no publicly available dataset to download for analysis. The data is public info, but not published in a machine readable format. It is published on the website of the Lands Department as HTML tables (archives) or in PDF for more recent historical records.

Useful SQL queries for OSM and PostGIS

As a follow up to my previous post on setting up a local instance of OSM data in a PostGIS DB, this post is a list of useful queries I've come up with (or borrowed*) to get useful results out of the OSM data

Once you are on the command line, run psql to drop into the postgres sql shell and run the \d command, which should give you the list of tables and views as below.

Getting started with OSM and osm2pgsql

I've been working through the basics of Openstreetmap - trying to understand the data model, tags and the contribution workflow. I thought it would be useful to setup a locally-hosted dataset of OSM data to query, export and model. I could not find anything that was as "turn-key" simple as I wanted so I put one together. The result is a very basic (minimal) starting point but being defined in the scripts, it should be easy to extend.